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Tuesday 23 August 2022, by Matthieu Giroux

Planning a country, in order to achieve industrial and infrastructure objectives, was used during the First World War to lead the war effort. However, planning is mainly used to achieve the desired development goals. To go to war, it is necessary to industrialize. Thus planning was used during the New Deal to allow United States to reach its current standard of living.

First, engineering and research schools were created. Then engineers and researchers were placed in key positions to achieve the objectives consisting to grow industry for infrastructure and given objectives, such as space or social security.

The industrialists allow them to know how we get the objectives. They are a complement to engineers and researchers indeed devoid of interest’s conflicts. Engineers have learned how to set up politics to achieve their field’s goals. Researchers have a long-term vision to anticipate the chosen objectives.

Planning dictates keeping the currency public. Finance has chosen not to go against the public currency during the planning period.

My Notes

Create a project to industrialize your country.

Matthieu Giroux

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