Doing Politics

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Tuesday 21 August 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

Any truly scientist does politics. Making politics is to convince to realize projects, their owns or others.

To convince you must know how to meditate and philosophize. This allows to create a higher hypothesis. It is the option to convince easier, through dialogue and the link of knowledge. This requires contradicting scientific authors, as did Einstein with Newton.

Indeed, some scientific authors follow a lineage of other authors. Empiricist scientific writers, that is, those who trust what they see, to achieve what their direction wants, can not find anything new. Indeed, scientific discoveries must go through the test, the hypothesis, the experience and the search for scientific truth. It is the search for his own truth, which becomes the truth, as one goes along.

If a scientist really does what he wants, he has to make politics. The logic is the same as for the paradigm shift. Einstein had made politics. This allowed him to achieve what he wanted. His nationality’s variations were only political trials, given to countries that did not support his ideas.


Read some of Einstein’s books, the most accessible.

My notes

Write up your project. Try to convince others to do them. Make a balance sheet and grow up.

Matthieu Giroux

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