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What Is a Resource?

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Wednesday 22 August 2018, by Matthieu Giroux

A resource can provide that you need. The resource is something that we will seek, then we will transform it to create goods. A reused waste can also be a resource. So everything can become a resource, especially unused material. A resource is something that humans transform, so a resource is not natural, but usable by humans.

Lyndon Larouche describes how humans can determine what sort of resources will enable humans to improve their standard of living. Identifying unused technologies, then defining the resources to use for, helps to define a relative population density potential. Thus we will use labor saving, allowed by linking and industries, to define a growth’s plan.

We will use energy’s resources to supply the industries that will be protected from outside countries, allowed by a public productive money. Indeed, if the currency is linked to the production, if it belongs to a state, the nation-state using this money will support the industries. If the currency is private everywhere in the country, however, then it will be about creating money for the one who owns the currency, not to grow country.

Humans do not work to value money, but to participate to society, enriching themselves. Thus saving work realized by industries will allow us to grow more and more in the universe, which the Earth is a part of.


So you want to know everything about the economy ? - Lyndon Larouche - The potential for relative population density

My Notes

Knowing that certain countries have thorium deposits, that rain abounds on the poles and at the equator, establish a plan to green the deserts.

Matthieu Giroux

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