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Money and market economy

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Sunday 31 March 2019, by Matthieu Giroux

The money and market economy can be explained simply. A market vendor who sells his products alone will want to raise prices, because he is alone to sell them, thus making a profit according to the monetary economy. The trade defined by Plato will allow finance, those who possess the creation of money, to catch the merchant’s capital with his isolation.

It would certainly be worse without money, since one would have to become a slave to obtain a good.

An industrialist would be less tempted to raise prices. In fact, if he knows history, he knows that he is not alone to get rich. Also, he is focused on to create of his products, so the money is used to create projects through policy. Thus, it is possible that the industrialist will be satisfied with happiness when he sells, if he is not in a money and market economy.

My Notes

Define how isolated your society and its individuals are, using dialogue.

Matthieu Giroux

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