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With Public Productive Money, we grow industries with great works. Then, with coaching schools, humans’ creativity rises.

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Planning a country, in order to achieve industrial and infrastructure objectives, was used during the First World War to lead the war effort. However, planning is mainly used to achieve the (…)
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The confederation makes it possible to transform different castes into a united nation. The confederation’s head is used to unite the different castes proposing one or more opportunities for (…)
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Human took risks to use fire, in order to protect himself from animals. Then, livestock farming and irrigation led to a new growth. People gave their life to acquire goods. They became slaves to (…)
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Human society has rised because of various factors. First of all Homo sapiens, since his birth, has been an increasingly creative and sensitive social individual. For example, we discovered our (…)
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The money and market economy can be explained simply. A market vendor who sells his products alone will want to raise prices, because he is alone to sell them, thus making a profit according to (…)
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