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Published on 23 August 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

Planning a country, in order to achieve industrial and infrastructure objectives, was used during the First World War to lead the war effort. However, planning is mainly used to achieve the desired development goals. To go to war, it is necessary to industrialize. Thus planning was used during (…)

Published on 23 August 2022
by Matthieu Giroux

The confederation makes it possible to transform different castes into a united nation. The confederation’s head is used to unite the different castes proposing one or more opportunities for consensus towards the castes.

But consensus makes it possible to grow. Everyone loses and everyone (…)

Scientific Brainstorming and Dialogue
Published on 21 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

We are taught a lot to dissociate. But we can do many more things linking. Scientific brainstorming and philosophy make it possible to link ideas, which are hypotheses coming from experiences. It allows to sublime our creativity.

Our mind, when someone asks him a question, remembers it. Then (…)

Doing Politics
Published on 21 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Any truly scientist does politics. Making politics is to convince to realize projects, their owns or others.

To convince you must know how to meditate and philosophize. This allows to create a higher hypothesis. It is the option to convince easier, through dialogue and the link of knowledge. (…)

Becoming a Citizen
Published on 21 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Engaging to the life of your neighborhood allows you to start making politics. Starting with a constructive activity, like model making, a puzzle, initiates to build.

So, in the street, we try to find out how buildings and roads are designed. Roads and buildings must comply with rules of (…)