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What is Money?

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Monday 20 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

You will find many economy’s measures using currency, with the money’s economy. You should know that the currency has no productive value on 2018, that is to say that it has only a fiduciary value, which is a belief value. It is about transforming money into work, into Joules, to have a reliable comparison’s basis between countries’ economies. So we realize that countries, that do not own their money, are richer than those whom own the country’s currency want to show it.

The Euro does not belong to the Europeans on 2018, but to finance, just as the franc’s countries do not own their CFA franc, belonging to the French Bank. France only has to create francs to pay the countries of the CFA Franc, just like the private banks have only to create private money, so that our states pay them interest, increasing price to more than 40% of the original work. Then the work becomes scarce. Then the money wins in fiduciary value.

Money is used to mean a goal. The currency makes it possible to obtain a good quickly, if the purchase is made possible by a state bank or a private bank. A very important part of the European currency is created by private banks. The notes are created by the European Central Bank. Only loans create money too. So indebtedness must repay more than that was created. It does not make sense. This is also why the ECB has given a lot of banknotes to give them their result, so that they flee into tax havens, to create wars, allowing them power and scarcity.

A bank must check if the conditions are met to be able to pay. In this case, it must provide the money requested. If these conditions are not met, the state and its justice must intervene, to settle the dispute, always for the indebted, if his word is true. That’s not that happened on 2018.

My Notes

Try to write about creating money.