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Growth’s Combination
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Article published on 20 August 2018
last modification on 17 October 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

When society develops itself, thanks to a public currency, we can grow society through pooling. Indeed, when society grows, the human is able to associate others, to create corporations that develop the country.

When the traffic is minor, when the currency belongs to the State, the human wants to participate even more to glory. After the Second World War, social security was set up by the people through pooling. Under Colbert, in democratic Greece, in the Roman republic, corporations were created and enriched these countries. Indeed a corporation allows, if the people decide within them, to pool the resources to use them, to specialize each human for the community. So the association is even more present in the country.

Only when the traffic settles, we search by the short view. So the agreement is no longer cordial. Thus the state must fight against the traffic and prevent any wear of money. It is the wear and tear of money that creates the traffic, because the wear benefits to the richest. So real estate is gaining value because the richests place their money.

Also the traffic sees on the short term. Indeed, it impeaches the association so that price differences grow. It’s easy money. The state must therefore fight against any form of prices differences’ increase, by the association or an anti-trust law, which prevents everything from returning to the same person. So you need financial transparency to know who is doing what.

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Find associations and corporations in your neighborhood.

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