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What Does Value Mean?
Published on 22 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Our parents often tell us "Find a job to make your life !". We can see on 2013 that it is more and more difficult to find a job. Adam Smith, the guru of actual economy, explains that work is value. Yet when something is rare, it has more value, without even working to make that.

When Robinson (…)

What Is a Resource?
Published on 22 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

A resource can provide that you need. The resource is something that we will seek, then we will transform it to create goods. A reused waste can also be a resource. So everything can become a resource, especially unused material. A resource is something that humans transform, so a resource is (…)

What is Wealth?
Published on 22 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Manyones would like to own Robinson Crusoe’s knowledge. Indeed, he knows how to do a lot of things. Wealth is knowing how to use that you have. If you have something and you are useless, you are not rich. Rather, you are bogged down in our property.

So someone who has too much will have to (…)

What Is Capital?
Published on 22 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Capital is that allows to create wealth. Indeed money, allowing to acquire quickly goods, favors the creation of wealth. So for the farmer, according to Henry Charles Carey, capital is money and Earth. For the industrialist, capital is money and materials to transform.

Thus the capital changes (…)

The Growth’s Culture
Published on 22 August 2018
by Matthieu Giroux

Currently the entertaining culture, promoted by the Beatles without realizing it themselves, is a culture where drugs inspire, in order to be more emotional. During the 30 glorious years, the culture was certainly popular, but above all progressive and oriented towards mankind’s love.

We (…)