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What Does Value Mean?
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Article published on 22 August 2018
last modification on 6 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Our parents often tell us "Find a job to make your life !". We can see on 2013 that it is more and more difficult to find a job. Adam Smith, the guru of actual economy, explains that work is value. Yet when something is rare, it has more value, without even working to make that.

When Robinson Crusoe arrived into an desert island, he was sinful. He lived like an animal with the first fruits he found. Since he could only feed with fruits, they had got a high value.

With fire, he could survive and eat better. The food lasted longer. Then he created a bow and arrows, with a tent that could be easily destroyed by wild animals, when the fire stopped. This tent was very valuable. It allowed him, with the fire, to sleep.

Alone, you have to spend a lot of time hunting. Animals has therefore gained more value than the fruits in his eyes. He was able to create, with research and theory, a hook. This allowed him to create a fishing rod. The animals was then put into concurrency with the fishes. Fishes required less work, but gained value because he had to catch them. When we do not fave to catch fishes, they have got lesser value.
Then he meets a native. While one allows the twice survival, the other creates an ax, then a house, then a net. The tent becomes useless and the house can be easily built for twice. Linking their power makes the buddies happy. Indeed the net can reduce the value of shells and fishes, because there are a lot.

Robinson can then learn writing to his friend. Their minds are not just looking for resources. The friend and Robinson raise their spirit. The profusion allows them to grow their creative reason. The energy allows to reduce working. The spirit and the creativity make them making and acting with more and more perfection.

The value is therefore resistance to obtaining a commodity, then a tool for autonomy. According individuals allows, with tools, to bring a lot of things. Last but not least, they work lesser with energy. Indeed a machine tool can bring even more things, and therefore less and less value to goods and commodities.

An industry makes better with dense energy, to replace the little energy we can provide into. An industry can produce thousands of goods of the same caliber with one machine. These products are perfect for simple and almost immediate use. It reduces the perception of value.

With liberalism, only a country with industries got before the others will tend to optimize its industries. It will protect them by exporting its manufactured products, in order to obtain the best raw materials, to increase the quality of its industries. China protects its industries in 2013. That’s what France did during the 30 glorious years. China has protected its industries and can therefore benefit from the best raw materials. For China, the spirit is very valuable.


• Principles of Social Science - Henry Charles Carey

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