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Scientific Brainstorming and Dialogue

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Tuesday 21 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

We are taught a lot to dissociate. But we can do many more things linking. Scientific brainstorming and philosophy make it possible to link ideas, which are hypotheses coming from experiences. It allows to sublime our creativity.

Our mind, when someone asks him a question, remembers it. Then it seeks, itself, a solution, with dreams and meditation. Meditation allows, with music which allows you to think to act, having constructive dreams. The question posed then leads to hypotheses to verify. It is important to write your hypotheses in order to better ask them later. Through dialogue we will find answers that can lead to other hypotheses.

The philosophical dialogue will make it possible to verify hypotheses linking ideas. Dialogue, where one shows oneself through politics, then makes it possible to reach an agreement, thanks to science. One can value one science rather than another. But we must then demonstrate this science, as we understand it.

You tell me then that there are too many assumptions under your mind. No, we can find a higher hypothesis that includes a set of hypotheses previously found. This higher hypothesis can then create passion, that is to say a work dedicated to this superior hypothesis, galvanized by our truth’s research.

Higher hypotheses entrust our subjectivity. We can then understand a part of our subjectivity scientifically, in order to solve some of our faults. With the story of his family, we will understand what could happen to us. Then, His or her partner can warn us about this delicate future.

The higher hypothesis will then ask us to use an axiom of science, a verification in nature or in the universe. Indeed, the only way to be sure of your ideas is to use science, which allows you to erase random choices. If we refer to science to grow up projects, we can hardly be asked oneself, because science makes it possible to understand nature and the universe. Science allows you to choose wisely.

Meditation will allow us to use our unconscious, if our mind gargles with reason. So the mind can think scientifically during a dialogue.

His found axiom can then challenge other axioms. It is therefore necessary to use dialogue and experiences to find other avenues of research. One becomes then a true researcher, able to write a scientific step. We dialogue to find new experiences. One turns one’s search for truth into a search for scientific truth. His hypotheses become articles, thanks to the readings about human limits.

Our truth’s research makes us understanding human limits. It is, then, interesting to create a culture, to improve one or more human limits. This makes it possible to become a rousing researcher, galvanized by filling a poorly explored part of the human.

My notes

Begin to link ideas, asking you to meditate, philosophize, dialogue with others.

Use linking of ideas for your projects. Grow yourself with an activity, to convince.

Try to answer the assumptions that are made through dialogue and meditation.