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Disorganizing: The Empire

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Tuesday 21 August 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

Every child grows himself in a certain way. This is called multiple intellects. Reading books about what makes a child intelligent is not about separating, but diversifying. Thus the school, which separates, asks the pupil to organize, but the pupil must know it. In other words, separation without linking at school brings entropy, if the child does not rise by organizing himself. The school has got a big fault. It prepares to create entropy, disorganization, to satisfy those who have got the power.

It’s hard to tie faith to reason when you’re in school. Faith is the will. The reason is to be in the truth. Nevertheless, understanding the meaning of the words used, with the Latin and the Greek, that guesses a lot. A word is a secret, if you know the secret of words, at least with Greek or Latin, we can guess in college and high school, when the liberal brothel settles more and more.

When there is a paradigm shift, a new organization is needed in countries organizing a new society. The entropic countries go to war because they want to profit only from what already exists, among others. Indeed, those who have the power use lobbies to prevent societies to grow up, to prevent the presence of newcomers. Thus a rich country that is disorganized, especially by the school, will become an empire, that is to say that it will use its power to take the resources of poor countries. At the end, the empire will implode or be replaced.

My notes

Do you want what your neighbor has? Can you do otherwise?