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What is Ideology?
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Article published on 21 August 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

Ideology is the way, for those who have the power, finance in 2016, to hide the truth to people by censorship. Censorship is certainly removing sentences, but it is also transmitting false ideas, with ideology. Once words or theories have been hidden, like the physical economy, the ideology closes the hole, which is to redirect the truth’s research to false goals.

An ideology is the monetary economy. This ideology creates indicators, to make believe that all is well in the best of the worlds. Another is transhumanism. Rarity dogmas are taught to scientists to create theories. The money economy makes believe to the God of money. For those who do not believe in the money’s God, transhumanism indicates that man can do better than God. That is wrong. We can equal, but not surpass God, because we do not know how bodies can be animated and can evolve.

We do not know why there is life instead from Jesus, who only tells us that the human, if he respects the God’s rules, will join God in his universe. It seems that God has got all the knowledge, moreover, in his universe. Indeed, how could he create life differently? God just does not want to be alone creating the universe. Indeed the universe is created more and more, according to statistics about stars of NASA.

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What is the difference between idea and ideology?