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Organizing: The Negentropy
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Article published on 21 August 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

The chance for mankind to organize material, like the will of the life to organize material, is called negentropy. Entropy, that is to say the tendency to disorganization, occurs when the human does not sufficiently understand its possibilities and is disorganized, by the fact that it no longer needs to meditate, thanks to the paradigm shift, who brought profusion. Thus, instead of having a continuous development, the human face a decrease, due to laziness or censorship. Indeed, those who have the power need scarcity to have a grip on the population. The profusion makes it possible to allow newcomers to assert themselves. Leaders do not want that.

The trend towards organization will then be used to research. It is the only prospective job. Indeed, finding something new is the only thing robots can not do. A robot does not grow up, but learns that is already known. The robot does not have a soul. It’s a machine. Our soul makes us grow. So when we make a lot of assumptions, a higher assumption comes from all of our knowledge, whether true or not.

Eliminating the mistakes of those whose have found, as Larouche does, can become sufficiently rebellious and scientific to be able to find. Also, the negentropy is born from the entropy of Kelvin. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot is the writer whose Kelvin bases himself. Sadi Carnot speaks wonderfully of thermodynamics. You can read the beginning of the book, to read it again, during your scientific studies.


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