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From Cell to Society
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Article published on 22 August 2018
last modification on 19 September 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

In the same way that the individual is composed with cells having a specialty, the society is composed with individuals having a job. Everyone is linked to everything. Each individual is a cell of the body society. Each company is an organ of this society, acting for itself and for others, apart and for the whole. The more specialized the bodies or jobs are, the more the body or society can achieve different goals.

Thus, it is about saying that a company must be directed. Otherwise we could not coordinate cells, humans. So we could not answer to the short view. Just as we do not know why life is organized, we do not know why society is organized. Thus each individual acts for himself and the whole. If it does not, the other cells must hunt the cell or the individual. The cell will use immunocompetence. The human will use cops. It will then be for the cell or the human to feel the way to lead instead participating, so that the management gains control at all.

It is very difficult for a body to hunt cancer cells. Indeed, the cells behave individually. Society, then, can not receive help from outside, unless from God, to reorganize itself. This raises the question that whether God organizes our society when it goes wrong.


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Why should society organize itself?

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