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What is Appropriation?
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Article published on 21 August 2018

by Matthieu Giroux

There is no doubt that someone who enables society to function better must be rewarded for growing that society, by the fact that, instead, he really gets the goods he uses. Ownership movement is creating or losting owners. Power and liberalism allow the rulers to make the owners believe that they will be able to keep their property, without these owners being really useful to society.

If you stay in a place that you rent, it is accepted that the one who pays the place becomes the owner of the place. This is not what is observed in 2018. Indeed many owners have got interest in borrowing, so that it is the tenant who pays the loan. The tenant is not only paying for the competition with the growing number of new tenants. But he is also paying the owner’s debt.

The owners want more power. Money makes it possible having power over a country. Thus the owners accept the private money because it also means disengagement from the state. Owners are made to believe that poverty is a source of wealth for them. This is taught by liberalism and the money economy, hiding the monetary creation.

This loss of the state allows the liberal whorehouse, allowing to increase the poverty. Liberalism is a law believing that the individual makes society. In fact, individuality is created by society.

The idiotic possessed then believe that it is beneficial to himself, because the inequalities increase. It is not in any way. Indeed, that is important is above all to dispose that we use, in order to be recognized. It’s not about owning those who create wealth. In this case we are going towards society’s loss, because there is no interest to grow society, in this case. This is pure speculation that someone else can belong to you. It is the illusion of power, the cause of revolts.

After a growing of the country, everyone is satisfied with the short view he has got. Indeed many are owners, because the trade and the growing of the country allowed politically to everyone to create a useful work, this against retribution of that has been created by people. Everyone could own with the fruit of his work. So there are a lot of owners.

However liberalism will meddle. After making the school unfit, saying that the country can no longer develop, because of the private currency, the population does not flourish, believing in this fear of living in a finite world. It is this fear that leads to entertainment, that is to think about something else. However, we are happy when we got answers to our questions.

Yet historically humanity has always growed, above all demographically. Many development projects are waiting, especially in Africa. With the density of available energy and the canals, deserts can be turned green or swamps can be turned into farms.

There are no finite resources, on the one hand because we are only transforming most resources except energy, on the other hand because we do not even know the universe’s limits. Finally, humanity has not only found more and more resources in the world, but these new resources are also becoming richer. Indeed, that is richest is also difficult to get in nature. For example, swamps took a long time to become fields in France, thanks to axes unless. There are still many swamps elsewhere in the world.

All of these findings are against the liberal theory of rent, saying that it was those who came first who created wealth. Indeed commodities or products are worthless, if they can not be sold. Homeowners are worthless without the society that allows them to become like that.

All these findings are also against Malthusianism, currently called decay, saying that there are too many humans. On the other hand, the sons of owners will want to increase their owns, like spoiled children. Some, like Prince Philip of England, will want to turn into a virus to kill people, for his caste to get more.
The people who believe in entertainment will believe in everything entertainment say to them, depending on what they hear around them. The polls will move towards liberalism, meaning "Enjoy because everything is fine: Markets and the stock market manage everything!". The possessed will be possessed by the desire to possess. They will also want to own others.
We will then post its culmination, Malthusianism, which consists in making believe that the resources are finished. This will be due to the science’s disinterest, because the scientific reflection of Plato has not been used. Also, alarmist sci-fi movies will drive the decline.

So the population thinks we cannot grow, so there’s no reason to live anymore. Then the sons of possessors will have more wealth than they will not use. These riches will be no more, since are rich the ones that know what to do with their owns.

Only the wealthy will be more and more dispossessed, first of their companies, then by their children. Indeed, if those who produce do not get rich, then society decreases.

The people will think about a trickery in this liberalism, even if some will flourish. Indeed, fulfillment will be censored. Will be recognized talented speakers, able to explain to you that everything is commendable if enough people accept it, according to the liberal brothel.

The truth’s research leads to its fulfillment. It will be unemployment or a meeting that will cause the population to dare to question, if it seeks happiness. Some will not have abandoned the scientific thinking and the truth’s research of their childhood, necessary to learn to walk and talk.

Those whose will not seek the truth, which brings happiness, those will be performers of the system, because they are unhappy themselves. The sophists, those speakers whose turn away the truth, will be rewarded. They do not know themselves, rewarded for their ignorance of liberalism, but especially for their knowledge of others.

Then the population will have little, and other countries will show that development is beneficial, as long as this population knows it. Then the tenants will want to become owners again, so as not to be possessed. They will accept the morals of those that they did not understand before, because they will have got enough news from those who seek the truth, but especially because this struggle for development by the common good has been sufficiently known and remembered, even if censored.


• The Principles of Social Science - Henry Charles Carey

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